No Reptiles allowed

Well.Technology will allow me to vent this frustration for now.  You know that’s some scaled bullcorn.  At what point will the political Europeans get it? Year after year, money spent unnecessarily for eight years to repeal The Affordable Care Act as we know it, have known it and will always know it, whether they change it to TrumpsCares or replace it.  The thing is the money they have spent and continue to spend could have been spent a million different ways by now.  I don’t know why so many people thought that OBAMACARE was a just insurance for blacks.  I rarely ever use an expletive, so I will take the liberty and use two, thank you.  Those damned bastards better wake the hell up.  To say it just like Kensi did last night on my favorite show. #NCIS #LA  Come on man.  18 million people already covered.  12 million can gain coverage, so you do the math.  #30MillionPeople  #30MillionPeople without insurance ain’t godly.  I do believe in miracles, sure.  I’ve witnessed a few.  But you can’t go around saying #ALLLIVESMATTER   and be intentionally killing people via withholding the best thing to talk about since sliced bread.  And Sir, that just ain’t godly.  It’s just like some people to go and get it wrong.  You are one fortunate man  .  When are you going to admit that running the country is actually a tremendous task to have.  I do pray you well Sir.  #ALLLIVESMATTER, LOL.  #NOPE  I knew you truly wouldn’t get it.  Well, you’ve no idea what is about to be on your shoulders, broad though they are. Sir you and your cabinet truly don’t get it.  #Not #One #Political #European #Understands the plight of people who just want to BE. They want to know that after work; home will be okay.  They want to know after 30 years on the job, that they will BE okay.  They want to know at the fulfillment of prophecy, what is it 4 score and 10, for starters, that they will BE okay.  You can’t understand it.  And that’s ok.  #ALLLIVESMATTER even if you prevent #30MILLIONPEOPLE from obtaining or keeping their current healthcare coverage as well as those who will be signing up for coverage this year, Sir, I pray you and all of your cabinet members, ministers, family; friends and associates well.  In the name of #ALLTHATISHOLY, I pray you well. May God have mercy on all of your souls.  Well, that’s how it normally goes down, when it comes to that final walk before meeting the Creator, right?  Sure, Some of the things will be your fault, but AMERICA will bounce back.    It’s all about God’s Original Design.  Don’t you get it?  Don’t you care   Doesn’t #TrumpCare?  When I think of the goodness of the Lord and all that he’s done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah.  When I think of #ALLLIVESMATTER, I don’t think of death and sickness that’s for certain.  I think of people who just choose to be free and to just BE.

I believe that it just hit me.  The LORD has blessed me to be here and see another morning at the ripe, delicious age of 46.  And I think about the millions of people within the United Of States.With the emphasis on the “OF”.  That’s 50 states crafted by God’s Original Design, credited and named by man.  Anything of God’s Original Design should be protected yet, there are possibly #30MillionPeople who could lose their insurance.  Now that’s some all-time demonic play right there. Sad.  May the Lord have mercy on His People as we Press forward with GOD to BeautifulExqusitenessBeyondExodusBoldEnduresBlessedExistentBoundEternally