No Reptiles allowed

Well.Technology will allow me to vent this frustration for now.  You know that’s some scaled bullcorn.  At what point will the political Europeans get it? Year after year, money spent unnecessarily for eight years to repeal The Affordable Care Act as we know it, have known it and will always know it, whether they change it to TrumpsCares or replace it.  The thing is the money they have spent and continue to spend could have been spent a million different ways by now.  I don’t know why so many people thought that OBAMACARE was a just insurance for blacks.  I rarely ever use an expletive, so I will take the liberty and use two, thank you.  Those damned bastards better wake the hell up.  To say it just like Kensi did last night on my favorite show. #NCIS #LA  Come on man.  18 million people already covered.  12 million can gain coverage, so you do the math.  #30MillionPeople  #30MillionPeople without insurance ain’t godly.  I do believe in miracles, sure.  I’ve witnessed a few.  But you can’t go around saying #ALLLIVESMATTER   and be intentionally killing people via withholding the best thing to talk about since sliced bread.  And Sir, that just ain’t godly.  It’s just like some people to go and get it wrong.  You are one fortunate man  .  When are you going to admit that running the country is actually a tremendous task to have.  I do pray you well Sir.  #ALLLIVESMATTER, LOL.  #NOPE  I knew you truly wouldn’t get it.  Well, you’ve no idea what is about to be on your shoulders, broad though they are. Sir you and your cabinet truly don’t get it.  #Not #One #Political #European #Understands the plight of people who just want to BE. They want to know that after work; home will be okay.  They want to know after 30 years on the job, that they will BE okay.  They want to know at the fulfillment of prophecy, what is it 4 score and 10, for starters, that they will BE okay.  You can’t understand it.  And that’s ok.  #ALLLIVESMATTER even if you prevent #30MILLIONPEOPLE from obtaining or keeping their current healthcare coverage as well as those who will be signing up for coverage this year, Sir, I pray you and all of your cabinet members, ministers, family; friends and associates well.  In the name of #ALLTHATISHOLY, I pray you well. May God have mercy on all of your souls.  Well, that’s how it normally goes down, when it comes to that final walk before meeting the Creator, right?  Sure, Some of the things will be your fault, but AMERICA will bounce back.    It’s all about God’s Original Design.  Don’t you get it?  Don’t you care   Doesn’t #TrumpCare?  When I think of the goodness of the Lord and all that he’s done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah.  When I think of #ALLLIVESMATTER, I don’t think of death and sickness that’s for certain.  I think of people who just choose to be free and to just BE.

I believe that it just hit me.  The LORD has blessed me to be here and see another morning at the ripe, delicious age of 46.  And I think about the millions of people within the United Of States.With the emphasis on the “OF”.  That’s 50 states crafted by God’s Original Design, credited and named by man.  Anything of God’s Original Design should be protected yet, there are possibly #30MillionPeople who could lose their insurance.  Now that’s some all-time demonic play right there. Sad.  May the Lord have mercy on His People as we Press forward with GOD to BeautifulExqusitenessBeyondExodusBoldEnduresBlessedExistentBoundEternally





Remember When. . .

Remember when… yep that’s the topic for this piece in part sitting here just thinking… My 16 year old niece, Serena, came to see me today . . . a little solemn in thought she entered with her warm hug and kiss to me. Serena is a junior this year at the local high school and is going through the steps that many have gone through before-only the ladies will know truly what I mean.

I knew going into today that she wouldn’t be playing basketball-she told me to on Sunday night leading into today-and that she would be taking an honors class in something. So here I am loving her, my angel…Hi Tt- I came to show you my schedule for my classes. There’s the traditional Chemistry, Choir, US History 11, English, Spanish, Honors Geometry…and I said, oh Serena, You Rock! I inquired about her taking the Applications for Computer and she said that she didn’t want to take another computer class…my first instructor taught me very well… we learned Excel, PowerPoint, Access and how to make documents in MS Word and I’m proficient with each one of them. Ok…I’m thinking…

She said I will continue in Track and Field, which for this, the practices are held after school. So, are you pleased overall with your teachers? Are there any new faces, I asked her, to which she replied, oh yes. The only new teacher I have is my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Collins. She is so interesting and seems to know her stuff-that’s-she does know how to speak fluent Spanish and English. And that’s my only conflict with the schedule-you see where I am taking English 11 and Spanish right behind the other. I said, well, that shouldn’t be a problem as you already know the English-so think of how you can apply your skills to learn how to write and speak proficiently in Spanish. Now that pulled a smile from her and her eyes sparkled, and that’s something I love to see.

Oh My Serena is such a beautiful child-budding into her grace from God. Yes, remember when?

This year Serena will be driving at some point, back and forth to school…she told me on Sunday that she’s interested in getting a job…hmm. I do understand to some degree of what she was saying…but really?

And that’s when I thought about Michael Brown’s mom and dad…Just to think, on August 5, Michael Brown was on his way to learning, as he was enrolled to earn an education and trade, which was to begin on Monday. That’s a great deal to take in…my prayers are for his mom and dad and anyone connected to them is that they are granted peace during their time of bereavement. I pray that the community is protected under the bosom of God’s wing and that your will God shall be done on earth as is in heaven, on this day. Lord, let all parents see that, this woman, this mom, will not have an opportunity to say to her dearly beloved son, “Michael, remember your first day in college?” Yes, that is deep Lord, and I pray that all of your sons and daughters gather together to do your will and not their own on earth, this day, as is in heaven, amen.

His dad will never have the opportunity to say to his son, “Michael, what year did you graduate from college”? Years later- Neither will never have the opportunity to direct questions nor receive answers from their son, Michael Brown, ever again.

Now what do we have going on in the town of Ferguson
Should I pretend that I don’t see that? Well, since I been praying for these children to go home, I guess pretending is out of the question. Honestly, they have an interesting climate of people…these protestors for the majority of them-that’s black and white- voted the County Prosecutor in…he is an elected official. So who did the protestors vote for? Well, after watching for days the protests of a largely black crowd with a few white…man what happened? That’s when I had an opportunity to view a protestors-to be honest, I don’t know what “THAT” really was, other than to let the American viewer know that there are quite a few around. These people had signs-they read something about protecting the police and support for the murderer . . . yes, that’s about all I got from that piece. Which basically answered my question of what the voters looked like in that county. And honestly, if the prosecutor does his job, there should be justice, right? The black people in that community are in a deceitful bunch is how I see it. . . SMH. Oh, and did I mention, that the prosecutor for that county is a democrat and that he has used his political clout to endorse another democrat, who would up seat the termed democrat if he’s voted in? This is the same prosecutor who did not bring up charges against a few other officers for killing other unarmed victims. Where they do that at John Wayne? Remember when…
Newsflash, the black community and some white already know what’s going to happen, which is in large part, why there’s still protesting going on…

So, white folks, the moms and dads, who have gone on to experience several first with their offspring’s, should definitely feel some compassion for Michael Brown’s parents-whether your first time experiences with those offspring’s were bad or good-you’ve still experienced them. They will not… I‘d be willing to go on and be more forthcoming… Did any of you ever experience your child’s first day of college? What about the first graduation from college? Yes, well, Michael Brown’s mom and dad will never have that experience…but I don’t think you’ve experienced this type of tragedy for one of your teenagers bound for their first day to college either.
So what are they left with…?

An empty void—honestly, even IDK, but from the hurt seen on his mom’s face? She’s devastated… someone has taken life from her . . . and there are no words to describe such utter devastation. No words. Bless their hearts. . .

Remember when . . . it wasn’t about being black or white, but it was about just being human?

Moving forward is a process, ain’t it? There’s a great deal of planning involved…why do I keep smelling fried chicken and pound cake? Church time

I Need A Little More Jesus. . . sitting here looking crazy…thinking… thinking…









Jordan Davis



Parents:  Mr. Ron Davis and Mrs. Lucia McBath



The power of love. . . Last night I had an opportunity to view several videos on YouTube-seriously-last night it wasn’t about the music.  After reading so many different posts yesterday about Jordan Davis, I decided to go on over to YouTube to watch videos submitted by Jordan Davis’s parent’s attorney…and ALL I can say is WOW.  The parents-I witnessed- have such a beautiful and blessed spirit . . . I know, I know…some will say, I see this in everyone or everything I encounter, but honestly, after watching his parents in several of those videos I was left feeling hopeful.  You see, this couple, never expected to have children-and oh, but nevertheless, God blessed them with Jordan.  On February 16, 2014, Jordan Davis-had he lived- would have celebrated his 19th birthday…It wasn’t until this morning after reading my scriptures for today-Philippians 1-4-that my spirit became blessed.  Essentially, Mrs. McBath, said something in the video which captured my heart-and at the time I didn’t fully understand why that one statement caused me to pause.  Mrs. McBath stated:  “I feel so sorry for him (Michael Dunn)…I feel so sorry for him.” 

I truly understand-though I’m not a parent-what she emphatically intended for the hearts of many to hear.  You see, God sent His Son to save, heal and bless-Oh yes He did…and she is not bitter.  God blessed them with a son-Jordan Davis-and it is through his death-at the hands of Michael Dunn-that a nation, a town, a city, a state, a country-can move forward without malicious intent or hate; for if we don’t move forward as a people-we will forever be lost.  The BIBLE teaches us that we are to forgive…no matter how many times an individual offends you-we must forgive-even if it’s 70 times 7.  We only have to look at ourselves in all the mess God has delivered us out of, of all the disease and afflictions he has healed us from and think back to how many times HE has forgiven each one of us.  Remember, HE wore the thorny crown for each one of us…Those nails?-Yep-he accepted them for each one of us.  So it goes without saying that I concur with Mrs. Lucia Davis-and will take it a step further-as I am only so inclined to do- “I feel so sorry for you Michael Dunn… I feel sorry for you because of the hate and bigoted attitude you carry around in your heart for any one person who is different than you.  There were at least 10 times you could’ve turned away…no 11 times Mr. Dunn.  You see, you could’ve never pulled the gun out of the glove box-let alone pull the trigger.  My heart is heavy today and as I go into prayer, I’ll be sure to say a kind word for you.”

Contrary to what Michael D. Dunn and his attorney will have you believe- Jordan Davis was no thug.  He was no gangster!  If that were so, then every last single one of us-people-could be labeled as such.  You see, I love music!-and every time I hear “my songs” I truly adjust the volume to levels some would say is “Just too loud!”  Each thump, each vibration-in my mind- helps to accentuate how I may be feeling at that exact moment.  I don’t care if it’s Hip-Hop, Rap, Classical, Spiritual or Country- I truly love turning up the volume!  In this instance- I can truly relate to how a 17 year old child would definitely do the same.  One can’t help but wonder-if Michael Dunn would feel the same or had taken similar actions if a Corvette had pulled up alongside his vehicle at the convenience store playing Bach or Clint Black?  I doth think his actions would have been very different if the Corvette held two passengers of a different race.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Davis family today and every day hereafter…I can only respect their son’s memory through prayer and supplication-AND by truly adjusting my volume every time I hear “My song!”


Light. White. Black. Brown.

Light skin, white skin, black skin, brown skin…so who is the one committing the greater sin?

(And the greater sin is said I?)  Lord, thank you for this skin ‘cause I certainly love where I fit in.

Man be walking around shouting, N***** this, N***** that, and it has taken root…now it is time to break away from this stigma and give it the boot.

This vicious cycle of heartache and un-pleasantries of the past are evermore present now in the modern day.

Hey my brothers & sisters, can’t we join in to stop the hate and persevere forward towards the path which leads us to unity?

If we unite together in love, grace, and mercy, we shall ALL be of one… Then there will be no more of this light skin, white skin, black skin, brown skin.

Soon we ALL shall be one, cheerfully aligned in eternity, while mingling and twinkling in LOVE.