Beloved Enough

All I want to do is express the agenda. But I can’t just yet. And I will be candidly frank with you… People wake the hell up! Don’t you know who you are?

Lord I need to work off my frustrations and find me a spot to implement ’cause this ain’t even where it is at. All this earthly pleasure measure, mind included-RMH-TRO, uh-huh. I rebuke my own.

Chile, I ain’t one to be throwing no rocks, cause I got some junk in my trunk for sho’, okay? And honey, I ain’t going let you throw to many my way, you feel me? All my pleasures of yesteryear were attended all by MEN (My earthly nuisance, LMBO). -Confessions of A former Seductress).

I LOVE GOD…Lord, I need a book deal. And I have yet to make verbal contact with…Yep, a few weeks ago, maybe a month or more, like, IDK. I can only say I awakened one morning with her name banging in my head…I will, Lord willing, make contact, soon.


How does one go about this? Well, if it were up to me? I would first beam up my team (TeachingEachAboutMessiah). I’ve written a large portion of it down on the paper. Now, if I went to California, ATL., Chicago, that’s when I’d know for darn certain. NW



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