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How can you love a face you’ve never seen and not love its people.

Here we are America…2103 with the most recent deaths yet still on my mind, are of two beautiful young men…Kendrick Johnson and Trayvon Martin… Honestly, I feel as if I know them in a strange kind of way- The images are forever imprinted in my heart of the savage way in which they left this earth. Breathless…My heart continues to ache for the survivors of these young men. Have mercy on them Lord, as well as for the parties responsible for their murder. Yes, I pity them because at the end of the day, it’s God’s wrath, His vengeance against any which oppresses and murders his sheep that shall reign.
Kendrick Johnson, 17 and an athlete, was found January 11 headfirst in a rolled wrestling mat at a Lowndes County High School gym in Valdosta, Georgia. When I first began following this story, I cried… (Really sensitive-cry at the drop of hat);once I dried up the tears, I begin to think of his parents as well as the implications surrounding Kendrick’s death, how did he die? It was obvious from the photos that he was beaten severely…who assaulted this child? Before his eyes glazed over, before his last breath, who and what did he see? Yes, he was someone’s baby…even now, I can’t bring myself to get past the timing of his death. Am I the only one who sees this for what it really is? This child was murdered while in school, under the protection of cameras and other adults. He was then stuffed and thrown away like a piece of trash- I wondered when did the thought occur to kill him? Was it after the savage beating? Why was he killed? Was it because Kendrick, a handsome young prince, attracted the eye of a young girl of another race? I can’t help but wonder if other teen-agers killed him or if it was the act of a “protective father” whose mind was intent on showing Kendrick a lesson for conversing with his daughter. Had Kendrick lived, I’m certain he could tell the entire story…

While surfing the Internet during the exhumation of Kendrick Johnson’s body, I stumbled upon a video on you-tube. I can’t find it now, but…frankly, the video upset me. Apparently, a wrestling coach, felt compelled to utilize the limited information given to convince anyone who would listen, that Kendrick was not murdered. The coach in the video, stressed that Kendrick simply lost his shoe and tried to retrieve it, and in doing so caused his death. Did I mention he sounded like ‘the grand wizard’ himself. I wish I could find that video. He actually used a young man to give visual to his words, by asking him to try and retrieve a shoe in a mat of similar size and dimension (he actually sounded too familiar with the entire process). He then instructed the young man to scream, and let’s see if anyone can hear you. To be honest, I only heard his voice…and thought it strange that he wasn’t in front of the camera the entire time of the video, since he was so eager to convey Kendrick’s death was “just an accident”, nothing more (his wording).

Satan, with his cronies Jim Crow and Willie Lynch have been upset for quite some time now and he is seeking retribution within the African-American society. Let’s be honest…every time a young black child is missing, or murdered of late-normally there is more to it than meets the eye. The racism and the “good ole boy network” continue to attempt to get by in 2013 my people… and it is robbing our community right before our very eyes. Clearly, this air of superiority, this air of supremacy cannot continue, not if we are striving for unity within this civilization of man. The beast (satan) along with his imps are either reformed or voted out of office…it’s that simple.

The death of Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old occurred in Sanford, Florida…George Zimmerman was not convicted in the televised case for the murder of Trayvon because he was standing his ground, according to the Florida law. It’s obvious that law needs to be repealed. When there’s a law in a state which supports murder of any of God’s children, I feel truly sorry for the law-makers. Romans 13 teaches us exactly what Paul intended for authority when it comes to the government…God made the law and God made man. Seriously, what do you think happens to one who doesn’t effectively create the law for the good of all? Think about it…if any law is created from a malicious heart designed to hate and oppress a people, no matter the race, sex, nationality, or education-WE, my people, have a problem.

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Black history is our history, educate yourself!


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Sabrina Clinton

BHS grew from a minor “Negro History Week”, that historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History innovated. These historians wanted to bring out of the shadows and darkness the pride they had in their peers for breaking through barriers to revolutionize our country. There shouldn’t be a question about why isn’t there a “White History” month.

White history is taught every day. Black History Month is important. It’s not only people of non-color, who are uneducated about black activists and intellectuals. Black people haven’t always been taught about the people and events in the civil rights movements. In any required history curriculum, black students can learn about prominent Americans of non-color. In most entry-level history classes, African American life is almost non-existent. The only evidence of blacks in these history books is that they were enslaved and…

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[WATCH] Janet Jackson Drops Visuals For ‘No Sleeep’ Ft. J. Cole

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Janet Jackson Drops Visuals For ‘No Sleeep’ Ft. J. Cole

Black America Web

Janet Jackson has dropped the visuals of her steamy track, No Sleeep, her first video in five years.

The mid-tempo track shows a 49-year-old Ms. Jackson seductively singling in a dimly-lit mansion on a rainy day.

A couple of scenes later and J. Cole makes an appearance, while the two perform their verses together.

JanetJacksonJColeYTScreenshotWatch below:

What do you think of the video?

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)

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Floyd Mayweather Has Been Stripped Of The Title He Won From Manny Pacquiao


Really interesting. . .So those two reasons takes the title but not the money? Interesting thing is, why didn’t he comply in order to keep this drama at bay?

The DL Hughley Show

Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather is 48-0 and will probably retire undefeated. He still has to obey the rules, though. Mayweather did not, so one of the sanctioning bodies stepped in.

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On Monday afternoon (July 6), Mayweather was stripped of his WBO 147-lbs. title, which he won from Manny Pacquiao.

The decision came from two main reasons. Firstly, Mayweather didn’t pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee from for that Pacquiao fight, even though he earned over $220 million from the bout. He also didn’t vacate his WBA and WBO belts at 154-lbs. While the WBA bends, the WBO refuses to allow fighters to hold belts at two different weight classes.

Even though it’s a world championship belt, Mayweather probably isn’t that worried about it. After beating Pacquiao, he has nothing left to prove. He may deliver boring fights and is a misogynist. but he’s always…

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Florida Judge Recognizes Former Classmate At His Burglary Hearing [WATCH]

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“Good luck to you sir,” she said. “I hope you are able to come out of this okay and just lead a lawful life.”
Judge Glazer set his bond at $43,000, drawing their brief interaction to a close. Booth remains in jail.

Black America Web

Imagine being a criminal making a court appearance and the judge asks you if you are the same person she once knew in middle school back in the day.

That’s what happened to Arthur Booth, 49, and Miami-Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer in court the other day.

In the video above, Judge Glazer says, “I have a question for you — did you go to Nautilus (middle school)?”

“Oh my goodness!” Booth responds with a smile that soon turned to tears.

“I’m sorry to see you here. I always wondered what happened to you,” Glazer said as Booth cries.

“This was the nicest kid in middle school. He was the best kid,” says Glazer, reminiscing on their time at the Miami Beach school. “I used to play football with him, all the kids, and look what has happened.”

As Booth, overwhelmed with emotion, shouted “Oh my goodness!” seven times, Glazer said she…

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Misty Copeland To Star In ‘Our Town’ On Broadway

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Misty Copeland

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NEW YORK (AP) — Ballerina Misty Copeland, who just became the first African-American woman to be a principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre, has another breakthrough planned — a debut on Broadway.

Producers of the high-energy revival of “On the Town” said Sunday that Copeland will join the show from Aug. 25 to Sept. 6, playing Miss Turnstiles, a love interest for one of three sailors enjoying a few hours of shore leave in 1940s New York.

“I don’t know if I know what I’m in for. It’s going to be a huge challenge for me. It’s quite a departure from what I’m used to. But I love a challenge and I think it’s going to help me grow as an artist,” Copeland said.

The role requires both acting and singing, in addition to plenty of dancing, including a 15-minute ballet at the end. The role is currently filled…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives His Younger Self The Best Advice Ever

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“I’ve had my failures and the key thing is when you fail, you get up dust yourself off and keep going. Because a loser stays down, but a winner always gets up,” he said. —Arnold Schwarzenegger

I know that’s right! Great quote What? Now ya’ll I love me some Terminator. Don’t judge me. . .LOL

Global Grind

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Terminator: Genisys is in theaters now and it’s a great combination of robotic destruction and non-stop action.

This blockbuster is an addition to the original saga, while going back and changing everything you knew about one of the longest-running movie franchises. I went to Hollywood, California to chat with stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, and Emilia Clarke and get the details about what it’s like linking up to tell a new story with old parameters.

In the film, Arnold gets to go back in time and fight his younger self, so we asked him: if he could talk to his younger self, what would he say?

“I’ve had my failures and the key thing is when you fail, you get up dust yourself off and keep going. Because a loser stays down, but a winner always gets up,” he said.

Game of Thrones star Emilia…

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