America- The Land I Love


How can you love a face you’ve never seen and not love its people.

Here we are America…2103 with the most recent deaths yet still on my mind, are of two beautiful young men…Kendrick Johnson and Trayvon Martin… Honestly, I feel as if I know them in a strange kind of way- The images are forever imprinted in my heart of the savage way in which they left this earth. Breathless…My heart continues to ache for the survivors of these young men. Have mercy on them Lord, as well as for the parties responsible for their murder. Yes, I pity them because at the end of the day, it’s God’s wrath, His vengeance against any which oppresses and murders his sheep that shall reign.
Kendrick Johnson, 17 and an athlete, was found January 11 headfirst in a rolled wrestling mat at a Lowndes County High School gym in Valdosta, Georgia. When I first began following this story, I cried… (Really sensitive-cry at the drop of hat);once I dried up the tears, I begin to think of his parents as well as the implications surrounding Kendrick’s death, how did he die? It was obvious from the photos that he was beaten severely…who assaulted this child? Before his eyes glazed over, before his last breath, who and what did he see? Yes, he was someone’s baby…even now, I can’t bring myself to get past the timing of his death. Am I the only one who sees this for what it really is? This child was murdered while in school, under the protection of cameras and other adults. He was then stuffed and thrown away like a piece of trash- I wondered when did the thought occur to kill him? Was it after the savage beating? Why was he killed? Was it because Kendrick, a handsome young prince, attracted the eye of a young girl of another race? I can’t help but wonder if other teen-agers killed him or if it was the act of a “protective father” whose mind was intent on showing Kendrick a lesson for conversing with his daughter. Had Kendrick lived, I’m certain he could tell the entire story…

While surfing the Internet during the exhumation of Kendrick Johnson’s body, I stumbled upon a video on you-tube. I can’t find it now, but…frankly, the video upset me. Apparently, a wrestling coach, felt compelled to utilize the limited information given to convince anyone who would listen, that Kendrick was not murdered. The coach in the video, stressed that Kendrick simply lost his shoe and tried to retrieve it, and in doing so caused his death. Did I mention he sounded like ‘the grand wizard’ himself. I wish I could find that video. He actually used a young man to give visual to his words, by asking him to try and retrieve a shoe in a mat of similar size and dimension (he actually sounded too familiar with the entire process). He then instructed the young man to scream, and let’s see if anyone can hear you. To be honest, I only heard his voice…and thought it strange that he wasn’t in front of the camera the entire time of the video, since he was so eager to convey Kendrick’s death was “just an accident”, nothing more (his wording).

Satan, with his cronies Jim Crow and Willie Lynch have been upset for quite some time now and he is seeking retribution within the African-American society. Let’s be honest…every time a young black child is missing, or murdered of late-normally there is more to it than meets the eye. The racism and the “good ole boy network” continue to attempt to get by in 2013 my people… and it is robbing our community right before our very eyes. Clearly, this air of superiority, this air of supremacy cannot continue, not if we are striving for unity within this civilization of man. The beast (satan) along with his imps are either reformed or voted out of office…it’s that simple.

The death of Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old occurred in Sanford, Florida…George Zimmerman was not convicted in the televised case for the murder of Trayvon because he was standing his ground, according to the Florida law. It’s obvious that law needs to be repealed. When there’s a law in a state which supports murder of any of God’s children, I feel truly sorry for the law-makers. Romans 13 teaches us exactly what Paul intended for authority when it comes to the government…God made the law and God made man. Seriously, what do you think happens to one who doesn’t effectively create the law for the good of all? Think about it…if any law is created from a malicious heart designed to hate and oppress a people, no matter the race, sex, nationality, or education-WE, my people, have a problem.

©KLS 2013

Teacher Suspended For Making 6th Graders Re-Enact #MikeBrown Shooting



This is a very sick situation. . . why can’t the teacher conduct skits like this in schools all across America? I salute the teacher for the reenactment! We need more teachers like her!

Originally posted on Praise 104.1:


An unidentified sixth grade teacher at Brantley Elementary School (pictured) in Selma, Ala., was reportedly suspended, after she instructed her students to re-enact the Michael Brown (pictured below) shooting in class, according to The Selma Times-Journal.

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The teacher was outed, after Jessica Baughn posted on the town?s Facebook page that her son, Jimmy Griffin, and his classmates were made to act out the disturbing turn-of-events surrounding the Brown case. The boy also reportedly told his mother that the White students in the class got to take on the roles of the police force in Ferguson, Mo., where Brown?s murder took place.

brown 2

Brown, an 18-year-old soon-to-be college student, was senselessly gunned down on August 9th, after he and a friend were walking to his grandmother?s house.  A Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, approached Brown to reprimand him about walking…

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Remember When. . .


Remember when… yep that’s the topic for this piece in part sitting here just thinking… My 16 year old niece, Serena, came to see me today . . . a little solemn in thought she entered with her warm hug and kiss to me. Serena is a junior this year at the local high school and is going through the steps that many have gone through before-only the ladies will know truly what I mean.

I knew going into today that she wouldn’t be playing basketball-she told me to on Sunday night leading into today-and that she would be taking an honors class in something. So here I am loving her, my angel…Hi Tt- I came to show you my schedule for my classes. There’s the traditional Chemistry, Choir, US History 11, English, Spanish, Honors Geometry…and I said, oh Serena, You Rock! I inquired about her taking the Applications for Computer and she said that she didn’t want to take another computer class…my first instructor taught me very well… we learned Excel, PowerPoint, Access and how to make documents in MS Word and I’m proficient with each one of them. Ok…I’m thinking…

She said I will continue in Track and Field, which for this, the practices are held after school. So, are you pleased overall with your teachers? Are there any new faces, I asked her, to which she replied, oh yes. The only new teacher I have is my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Collins. She is so interesting and seems to know her stuff-that’s-she does know how to speak fluent Spanish and English. And that’s my only conflict with the schedule-you see where I am taking English 11 and Spanish right behind the other. I said, well, that shouldn’t be a problem as you already know the English-so think of how you can apply your skills to learn how to write and speak proficiently in Spanish. Now that pulled a smile from her and her eyes sparkled, and that’s something I love to see.

Oh My Serena is such a beautiful child-budding into her grace from God. Yes, remember when?

This year Serena will be driving at some point, back and forth to school…she told me on Sunday that she’s interested in getting a job…hmm. I do understand to some degree of what she was saying…but really?

And that’s when I thought about Michael Brown’s mom and dad…Just to think, on August 5, Michael Brown was on his way to learning, as he was enrolled to earn an education and trade, which was to begin on Monday. That’s a great deal to take in…my prayers are for his mom and dad and anyone connected to them is that they are granted peace during their time of bereavement. I pray that the community is protected under the bosom of God’s wing and that your will God shall be done on earth as is in heaven, on this day. Lord, let all parents see that, this woman, this mom, will not have an opportunity to say to her dearly beloved son, “Michael, remember your first day in college?” Yes, that is deep Lord, and I pray that all of your sons and daughters gather together to do your will and not their own on earth, this day, as is in heaven, amen.

His dad will never have the opportunity to say to his son, “Michael, what year did you graduate from college”? Years later- Neither will never have the opportunity to direct questions nor receive answers from their son, Michael Brown, ever again.

Now what do we have going on in the town of Ferguson
Should I pretend that I don’t see that? Well, since I been praying for these children to go home, I guess pretending is out of the question. Honestly, they have an interesting climate of people…these protestors for the majority of them-that’s black and white- voted the County Prosecutor in…he is an elected official. So who did the protestors vote for? Well, after watching for days the protests of a largely black crowd with a few white…man what happened? That’s when I had an opportunity to view a protestors-to be honest, I don’t know what “THAT” really was, other than to let the American viewer know that there are quite a few around. These people had signs-they read something about protecting the police and support for the murderer . . . yes, that’s about all I got from that piece. Which basically answered my question of what the voters looked like in that county. And honestly, if the prosecutor does his job, there should be justice, right? The black people in that community are in a deceitful bunch is how I see it. . . SMH. Oh, and did I mention, that the prosecutor for that county is a democrat and that he has used his political clout to endorse another democrat, who would up seat the termed democrat if he’s voted in? This is the same prosecutor who did not bring up charges against a few other officers for killing other unarmed victims. Where they do that at John Wayne? Remember when…
Newsflash, the black community and some white already know what’s going to happen, which is in large part, why there’s still protesting going on…

So, white folks, the moms and dads, who have gone on to experience several first with their offspring’s, should definitely feel some compassion for Michael Brown’s parents-whether your first time experiences with those offspring’s were bad or good-you’ve still experienced them. They will not… I‘d be willing to go on and be more forthcoming… Did any of you ever experience your child’s first day of college? What about the first graduation from college? Yes, well, Michael Brown’s mom and dad will never have that experience…but I don’t think you’ve experienced this type of tragedy for one of your teenagers bound for their first day to college either.
So what are they left with…?

An empty void—honestly, even IDK, but from the hurt seen on his mom’s face? She’s devastated… someone has taken life from her . . . and there are no words to describe such utter devastation. No words. Bless their hearts. . .

Remember when . . . it wasn’t about being black or white, but it was about just being human?

Moving forward is a process, ain’t it? There’s a great deal of planning involved…why do I keep smelling fried chicken and pound cake? Church time

I Need A Little More Jesus. . . sitting here looking crazy…thinking… thinking…


Surly Bainer


In times like these I wish I could draw!- At least draw characters for my dialogue, you know?

SB: Hi Ma’am. What’s your name?

SO: My name is Sue Obama, and you are?

SB: I’m known around my house as Surly Bainer, but you can just call me S.B.

SB: So Sue Obama, what are you doing here in my house this time of day? Where are you from? Are you visiting from another country?

SO: Well, basically S. B. I’m known around my house as the Chief Executive Officer, and I had to come over here to your house to re-do some things…for some reason your secretary is not using the correct filing system…and I do believe in proficiency…we must keep the records straight at all times! I am here visiting with you today, in your house, clearly on an invitation. You called me, SB . . . remember? I am from America and no I’m not visiting… I live and work from Africa with individuals from America…like you?

SO: So tell me Mr. Surly Bainer, what’s your nationality? Are you Greek? My goodness you have some beautifully tanned skin…wait…are you Russian? Yes, that’s it… you’re Russian…only a Russian would have cold unfeeling icy blues such as yours….one can’t help but think about the cold snowy weather of Russian mountains, they’re beautiful of course, but totally void of expression…Yes, SB, you have a certain look about you that doesn’t say full American…so are you here in Cape Verde on vacation? What possessed you to come to visit Africa in August? Do you have ancestors from Africa?

SB: Well Sue Obama, I am here to learn the ways of oppression of the people of Africa as it relates to slavery in America and slave owners. I’m definitely going to need your assistance with the gathering of certain files and hopefully you and your team will be able to help me and my house on getting the accurate facts on white supremacy and white supremacy views on how it relates to the prison population and incarceration back in America. I’m really looking forward to learning as much as possible…So Sue are your people from the Continent of Africa?

Skit on paper about the ha-happenings!

I’m still praying for Justice in #Ferguson


Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr.

Let Lesley McSpadden therefore approach the throne of grace to find help in her time of need. Let Michael Brown, Sr. therefore approach the throne of grace to find help in his time of need. Father God, May you cover them under the blood of Jesus, and not only them but all who are connected to them, I pray for their protection and for their peace. I call on you now Jesus to bless this family, this community and this state. Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit continue to cover this family and that they may find justice….may your faithful promises be their armor and protection. Lord I pray for the Fruit of the Spirit, and your holy anointing be with and be within this community, this neighborhood and this county as your will is done. Your will Father God, and your way…may each citizen be blessed and become or BE a blessing to each other. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him”.

Love is the only way

May God give each one of them peace and love with faith, from God. May God’s grace be upon all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love. May all the citizens of the state of Missouri, the community of Ferguson, the family and friends of Michael Brown be forever blessed. May your will be done Lord as they pursue justice along with others for the murder of Michael Brown. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


I walk by faith and not by sight…

Has the population at large really considered the actual fall-out of what’s to come? The actual fall out of what’s really going on in Ferguson can only play out in maybe 3 scenarios… I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y? That little town is really just like many other communities within other states around the country. . .and if one single shooting brings out police officers in full tactical gear prepared for a baby Armageddon… to take out a certain population of people (genocide)—come on now…what’s really going down? Think about it… I know I have.
The people of this community have had enough . . .and anyone oppressing them- I hope you read your BIBLE…but just in case you don’t-let me give you a quick catch me up version—“It doesn’t work out well for the oppressor- EVER”—so pick your post and stick to it or decide to make some upgrades and changes about the way you are doing things.

Ferguson. . . I really hate that this is going on at this moment…that mothers and dads are weeping due to the loss of a loved one…that’s deep.

But here’s the bigger picture… are you a voting people? I certainly would love to see all protestors registered and voting in November…

The elected official, that would be your county prosecutor has been around for a minute, hasn’t he? Something like 23-24 years. . .

Mr. McCulloch- Prosecutor Jay Nixon- Governor
This mindset has not changed… the George Wallace clones are out and about. Don’t you forget it!


Little Known Black History Fact: Milestone Comics

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Milestone Media. . .BlackAmericaWeb always has some of the most interesting history.

Originally posted on Black America Web:

Milestone Media was a comic book company created by a group of Black artists and writers. It aimed to feature various ethnic groups as the main stars for its monthly titles. Milestone was published by DC Comics, although the comic universes wouldn’t collide until much later.

Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle created Milestone in 1993. Icon, Hardware, Static, and Blood Syndicate were the first four books Milestone produced featuring characters that were Black, Asian and Hispanic. The company was unfairly typecast as a Black comic book company, which may have hurt its sales at the time.

Comic book stores were reluctant to promote Milestone’s titles because of they didn’t think readers were ready for Black or ethnically diverse comics. Much of Milestone’s titles took place in the fictional Midwest city of Dakota, which was styled after Detroit, according to one account. Known as the “Dakotaverse,”…

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Prayers to the family of Michael Brown-


Prayers to the family of Michael Brown- JUSTICE

I think one of the most alarming thing to learn in the last day or so…I know my eyes weren’t deceiving me…There are only 3 African-American officers within the officers or within the entire precinct or in any Administrative position in that precinct? Why that’s curious…Surely the entire precinct has more than 3 blacks- and if not there is definitely something wrong with that population! Now from the little videos- I know I’ve seen more than 3 black officers or were those county officials for that area?
To really get the ball up and running it’s obvious-The Ferguson Police Department- from the conflict of interest in protecting their secrets and truths and select party-they need to hire independent contractors to get to the bottom of the truth. The investigation isn’t so challenging as they’ve arrested what 50 people? Were any of them witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown? Well then determine what other crime was committed as a result to being incarcerated- pay your fine and go home. Or were there false arrests involved by the Ferguson Police Department? Next?-? Now from what I’ve read this particular police department have some pending investigations by the NAACP on some other issues…then it didn’t help that I read that other stuff.
Nawl seriously, I was reading about the DOJ and how they were going to assist with the FBI (can you say independent investigation) as well as one with the police department, I hope that’s what I read, so don’t quote me- but that isn’t what caught my attention… I began to read on something about how old laws for police officers needed to be reassessed…they hadn’t been updated in 50 years…
Yep, 50 years. And to be honest that bothered me in regards to how those laws were the same laws which oppressed people in Alabama- Selma-to be exact…Mr. Jimmie Lee Johnson? I hope I got that right- Edmund Pettis Bridge-Bloody Sunday-you know where officers were beating peaceful protestors, watering them down with fire hoses and siccing canines onto their flesh-a bite- a rip in flesh by an animal trained by an animal-The Law…oppression. And quite frankly depressing—man we are so far removed from that day in history, no longer are people in society afraid of the law-they respect the law—or so they will have you think and it ain’t easy thinking along these lines when we have honest men and women protecting our neighborhoods and making sure our children are nurtured with affiliation with law-independent of arrests- nawl- all cops are not bad…and all bad guys aren’t cops. They’re coming in many forms now or can’t you see this? They keep many preoccupied with so much crap that it’s ashamed that shortly someone will think-oh I don’t know-whatever they will have you to think perhaps? So those laws can definitely be updated, which possibly helps to eradicate murder by cops from the equation quicker and efficiently as possible. Ain’t nobody fooling nobody…there’s entirely too much going on….policy and procedure handbook-that would be one I would pay a great deal of attention to…since they seem to have unions-how does that have effect on the ethical guidelines- keep it simple. By then you are either considered guilty or not guilty which leads to an arrest-then an trial and so forth. If only life could be so easy…
They did a very speedy trial with JESUS-what was it-a week? And that’s with his death and oh but on that 3rd day!- Glory to God.
The people of Ferguson are angry…they’re basically in a pot of boiling water-have been reaching-nawl, boiling over for some time, bless their hearts. I know absolutely nothing about what they’re speaking about- to be antagonized daily by people who are designed to enforce and uphold the law…to be murdered in day-light by those same enforcers of the law… I don’t nothing about it personally-and I thank God for it, however, the plight of the people-now that’s quite a call-ain’t it? Who awakens to attacks like this in 2014?
After watching the young man’s interview who witnessed first-hand accounts leading up to the death of Michael Brown- I commend the young man for his “poise”—he was handling like a solider…good thing too…I would’ve probably been shaking too much-not one word would I utter. You wouldn’t have heard a peep out of me… To have seen someone shoot-nawl unload into an innocent young man who was surrendering after being shot twice before the fatal shot? And the person doing the shooting was an officer of the law? You know that officer sure was mighty secure in his stance of all his actions leading up to the murder—can you say suspicious? And suspect? I thought I heard the young man say something about Michael Brown being in a choke hold while the officer was still in the driver seat of his vehicle? Strange. So they tried to take his weapon? Well obviously something is wrong with that picture ain’t it? From where I come from, you don’t try to take someone’s gun and then you turn your back on them and walk away…nawl that just doesn’t happen. You commit a crime against a law enforcer and then turn your back and walk away even with the possibility of getting shot? Not… if you’ve done nothing wrong. So what persuaded the officer to get out of his car and start walking towards someone/people who tried to take his weapon? I wonder what the Castle Doctrine is in that state. Is it possible this officer, knowing the law, was actually cool and calculated and exercised his decision to shoot an innocent young man on his way to college on Monday-and was therefore concocting enough evidence to validate his stance and allow it to support him because of what exactly?-? It was a justified shoot? I think not! You would think if two guys were trying to take your weapon they wouldn’t walk away empty-handed…if they want it-they take. Apparently this wasn’t the situation however…but that’s what they are alluding to. After the other officers and EMT personnel learned of the death/murder/shooting why did it take so long to remove the body? What took them so long? As I said… I wouldn’t say a peep on television- I would seriously be distraught-and that’s putting it mildly…they would have to call my momma. Questions…situations…evidence….what is the outcome?
They can’t remain silent that’s for certain…and that’s what really set the people off-not one officer after arriving to the scene was trying to take their statements…where they do that at? What’s protocol for a murder investigation? Matter fact-what’s protocol for a cop shooting-you know when the cop is definitely the victim. How does it compare to a murder investigation of a civilian? What’s policy? It shouldn’t be any different…take the statements and move on towards—that wasn’t occurring in Ferguson. So again I am curious-what took them so long to remove the body from the crime sight? First 48 move faster than that- I’m just saying…what’s that cop lingo-they cordon off the crime scene and ask questions, take down statements-ask questions-take the cops gun-test for fingerprints of the victim and the other young man (victim #2)-cops should be on file- and compare statements. Then ask more questions-look at the evidence and ask more questions… that is like 2-3 day’s worth of work. So with preliminary findings-the officer involved is suspended of duties pending an independent investigation because the shooting was not justified but instead unjustifiable release of a firearm into population (IANL-I am no lawyer) or a cop but that’s how Dino does it in Stuart Woods Series with Storm H.… I am sure some vital steps have been overlooked-and since I am just a concerned American-these are strictly questions and opinions.
And it still don’t make any sense
You know 50 years is a long time… along time indeed. 50 years. 50 entirely whole years . . . I wonder what the policy is for updating laws along with policy and procedure protocol as it pertains to the Federal government when working alongside state officials when it comes to mandating the law as a guide to follow protocol procedure adherent to each state?
Obviously something is wrong somewhere… can you say upgrade protocol and policy?

Little Known Black History Fact: Annie Malone

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Annie Malone-until this article- I’ve never heard of Mrs. Malone. BlackAmericaWeb is always on point with knowledge on their articles (‘Little Known Black History Fact’).

Originally posted on Black America Web:

Although most credit Madam C.J. Walker as America’s first Black millionairess, some historians say otherwise. Inventor and philanthropist Annie Malone has been named as the true first millionaire after inventing a hair care product company.

Born Annie Minerva Turnbo on August 9, 1869 to escaped slave parents, Malone grew up in southern Illinois as one of 11 children. Orphaned at a young age, Malone attended school in Peoria but later dropped out.

Malone’s interest in chemistry and hairdressing became a serious hobby, and she practiced on her sister’s hair. She also had an aunt who was a herbalist, and she studied her techniques.

Black women then were using goose fat and other harsh products on their hair. Just before the 20th Century, Malone developed an improved hair straightening solution.

Naming the product the “Great Wonderful Hair Grower,” Malone moved to St. Louis in 1902 and began selling it door…

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