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How can you love a face you’ve never seen and not love its people.

Here we are America…2103 with the most recent deaths yet still on my mind, are of two beautiful young men…Kendrick Johnson and Trayvon Martin… Honestly, I feel as if I know them in a strange kind of way- The images are forever imprinted in my heart of the savage way in which they left this earth. Breathless…My heart continues to ache for the survivors of these young men. Have mercy on them Lord, as well as for the parties responsible for their murder. Yes, I pity them because at the end of the day, it’s God’s wrath, His vengeance against any which oppresses and murders his sheep that shall reign.
Kendrick Johnson, 17 and an athlete, was found January 11 headfirst in a rolled wrestling mat at a Lowndes County High School gym in Valdosta, Georgia. When I first began following this story, I cried… (Really sensitive-cry at the drop of hat);once I dried up the tears, I begin to think of his parents as well as the implications surrounding Kendrick’s death, how did he die? It was obvious from the photos that he was beaten severely…who assaulted this child? Before his eyes glazed over, before his last breath, who and what did he see? Yes, he was someone’s baby…even now, I can’t bring myself to get past the timing of his death. Am I the only one who sees this for what it really is? This child was murdered while in school, under the protection of cameras and other adults. He was then stuffed and thrown away like a piece of trash- I wondered when did the thought occur to kill him? Was it after the savage beating? Why was he killed? Was it because Kendrick, a handsome young prince, attracted the eye of a young girl of another race? I can’t help but wonder if other teen-agers killed him or if it was the act of a “protective father” whose mind was intent on showing Kendrick a lesson for conversing with his daughter. Had Kendrick lived, I’m certain he could tell the entire story…

While surfing the Internet during the exhumation of Kendrick Johnson’s body, I stumbled upon a video on you-tube. I can’t find it now, but…frankly, the video upset me. Apparently, a wrestling coach, felt compelled to utilize the limited information given to convince anyone who would listen, that Kendrick was not murdered. The coach in the video, stressed that Kendrick simply lost his shoe and tried to retrieve it, and in doing so caused his death. Did I mention he sounded like ‘the grand wizard’ himself. I wish I could find that video. He actually used a young man to give visual to his words, by asking him to try and retrieve a shoe in a mat of similar size and dimension (he actually sounded too familiar with the entire process). He then instructed the young man to scream, and let’s see if anyone can hear you. To be honest, I only heard his voice…and thought it strange that he wasn’t in front of the camera the entire time of the video, since he was so eager to convey Kendrick’s death was “just an accident”, nothing more (his wording).

Satan, with his cronies Jim Crow and Willie Lynch have been upset for quite some time now and he is seeking retribution within the African-American society. Let’s be honest…every time a young black child is missing, or murdered of late-normally there is more to it than meets the eye. The racism and the “good ole boy network” continue to attempt to get by in 2013 my people… and it is robbing our community right before our very eyes. Clearly, this air of superiority, this air of supremacy cannot continue, not if we are striving for unity within this civilization of man. The beast (satan) along with his imps are either reformed or voted out of office…it’s that simple.

The death of Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old occurred in Sanford, Florida…George Zimmerman was not convicted in the televised case for the murder of Trayvon because he was standing his ground, according to the Florida law. It’s obvious that law needs to be repealed. When there’s a law in a state which supports murder of any of God’s children, I feel truly sorry for the law-makers. Romans 13 teaches us exactly what Paul intended for authority when it comes to the government…God made the law and God made man. Seriously, what do you think happens to one who doesn’t effectively create the law for the good of all? Think about it…if any law is created from a malicious heart designed to hate and oppress a people, no matter the race, sex, nationality, or education-WE, my people, have a problem.

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So Sad: John Wall Breaks Down Over Death Of 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient Friend, Nicki Minaj Responds (VIDEO)

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Rest little angel. I so love when people come together to make joy for others. Prayers and peace to her family and friends. One Love

Originally posted on Global Grind:

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NBA players might be tough on the exterior, but many are softies on the inside.

John Wall deserved to celebrate a big win with his team the Washington Wizards last night, but it was hard for the NBA star, as he suffered the loss of one of his closest friends – a 6-year-old cancer patient named Miyah.

The Wizards point guard befriended Miyah earlier this year, and helped fulfill her wish of meeting Nicki Minaj, who gave her wigs to wear while hanging out with her favorite hip-hop star.

Unfortunately, Miyah was unable to win her battle with terminal illness, and passed away this past Saturday evening.

In a post-game interview last night, John broke down while talking about the little girl who changed his life:

“This is an emotional game for me. This is for Miyah, my close friend that I met last year…

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GOP Staffer Resigns After Critical Facebook Post About Sasha And Malia [VIDEO]



On the contrary, that’s exactly what’s in your heart. A kind worded apology shows what exactly? A bigot! Oops!

Originally posted on News One:


President Barack Obama speaks as his daughters Sasha and Malia look on before pardoning ‘Cheese’ and his alternate Mac both, 20-week old 48-pound Turkeys, during a ceremony at the White House November 26, 2014 in Washington, DC. The Presidential pardon of a turkey has been a long time Thanksgiving tradition that dates back to the Harry Truman administration.(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

A Republican Party staffer resigned Monday after posting derogatory Facebook comments about Sasha and Malia Obama over the Thanksgiving Day holiday, NBC News reports.

SEE ALSO: Darren Wilson Quit Ferguson Force Without Severance [VIDEO]

Elizabeth Lauten, the communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.), told NBC News by phone Monday that her departure was “in the works.”

The move comes after Lauten attacked Sasha, 13, and Malia, 16, on Facebook, saying they should have shown “a little class” during the annual Thanksgiving ceremony Wednesday to…

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Boy, 12, with fake gun shot dead by officer

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Originally posted on FOX10 News:

CLEVELAND (AP) — A 12-year-old boy shot by police after grabbing what turned out to be a replica gun died from his wounds Sunday, a day after officers responded to a 911 call about someone waving a “probably fake” gun at a playground.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said one officer fired twice after the boy pulled the fake weapon — which was lacking the orange safety indicator usually found on the muzzle — from his waistband but had not pointed it at police. The boy did not make any verbal threats but grabbed the replica handgun after being told to raise his hands, Tomba said.

“That’s when the officer fired,” he said.

The Cuyahoga County medical examiner identified the boy as Tamir Rice. An attorney for his family, Timothy Kucharski, said the boy went to the park with friends Saturday afternoon, but he did not know the details of what…

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Two-Year-Old Boy Burned By Smoke Bomb As Police Raid The Wrong Home (DETAILS)

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How sad. SMH. So how often are records updated? Acts like this can be prevented…

Originally posted on Global Grind:

Manhunt Underway In Los Angeles After Shots Fired At Two Detectives

A family from Oxnard, Calif. are suing the city and the police department after officers raided the wrong home, causing serious injuries to their youngest child after they threw a smoke bomb into his bedroom.

According to Court House NewsJose and Paulina Salinas, the parents of a 2-year-old boy who was badly injured during a police “no knock raid,” are suing  for damages done not only to their young toddler but, to their house, other family members, and well-being altogether.

In the lawsuit, the Salinas claim that they were sleeping in their home on April 16 and were woken up in the middle of the night by the cops’ footsteps and motor vehicles outside their house:

 Police broke the front windows of the home and set off three smoke bombs. Police then crashed through the front door with guns drawn, yelling, “Get down and put your hands to your head!” With…

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The Real Effects Of Breast Cancer [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Early detection is the key. . . Don’t wait.

Originally posted on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show:


We all know breast cancer is a struggle for women diagnosed, especially Black women. But a lot of us don’t know the real effects. A former employee of Rickey Smiley who is battling breast cancer joins the show to discuss the challenges she faces. Listen to the audio player to hear the things most people don’t talk about when it comes to how this disease can change your life.

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